Saturday, August 27, 2016

From Pant To Shorts!

Hi there,

I had a blast this summer turning all the old pants that I did not wear anymore into daisy duke shorts.
What you need to do this is very simple.

1. Pant that you do not mind cutting.
2. Scissor
3. Ruler
4.Washable Marker
5. Washing Machine
6. Dryer

So we have choosing our pant that we are ready to turn into shorts. Turn them inside out and about 4 inches from the inseam place your ruler and draw a line straight across. Cut on the line with scissors. It should look like this.
Repeat the same step on the other pant leg. You will see white fringe hanging out you want to pull on them a bit all the way around the pant leg. The denim color of the jean should start to fringe around the bottom of short leg. Once removing all the white fringes that stands out so you can reveal the denim color fringe around the short leg. Wash the short in washing machine. Then dry the shorts in dryer. When you take them out they should be fluffy at the bottom of the short where the fringe are. Like this!                                                                                                 
There goes your Daisy Duke Short!
If you are looking to update your pant wardrobe Betabrand has  some great quality pants on their website. Not everyone has time to take their old pants and make them awesome, so Betabrand has worked with their customer designers to come up with a whole line of pants that are already modified from the classic and standard mold of pants. These ones are soft, comfortable, and they look great!


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