Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Anti Gravity Wedge Experience

                                   Defy Gravity with these Anti Gravity Wedges                                
                                                    ( Pictures Below)

    I remember the first time I saw a pair of anti gravity wedge shoes; I had to have a pair. So a week later I brought 2 pairs. Both pair had the Mary Jane look ( strap going across the middle). One pair was golden with glitter dust all over them and the second pair black lacquer with glitter dust all over them. They looked even better on my feet than they looked on the display shelf.

    My first time wearing these shoes was in the fall. I went on a movie/ dinner date. I wore a black laced glittery thin fitted top with a hot pink cami under it. I covered the ensemble up with a white flow- fitted long sleeved shrug. I also sported a hot pink sequined mini skirt with black lace tights. This was complemented with a black belt with a bow, a little bling in the bow of the belt, and my extravagant black glittery anti gravity wedges. The finishing touch was my white pearl earrings and pearl necklace to complement my white shrug.

    All evening my anti gravity shoes caused a lot of commotion. Everyone was staring at me. Turning around in shock. I even had people I never met a day in my life walking up to me telling me how much they loved my shoes. This one lady was like  "how do you do that?" and I was like "What!" and she said "walk in those heels!" I have never seen anything quite like them!" I just told her that they were anti gravity wedges and they are fun;I explained to her that it was love at first sight when I saw the wedges. She wanted to know where she could buy a pair so I let her know.

     Anti-gravity heels are surely a conversation piece. They are striking, fun, exciting and you are bound to stir up commotion. So beware if you hate attention because you are guaranteed to get jaws to drop and attention on you when you wear these shoes. I am a living testament to this.

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                                                           Pictures Of Anti Gravity Wedges!!!

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