Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You Ready To Turn Heads!!!

Hi there lady's and perhaps some gents,

I am so excited about the weather. We should always be fashion forward whether it is rain, sleet, snow, hail or shine. As my Grammy always use to say "dress to impress." Check out the sales!!!
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You can dress a pair of leggings up or dress them down.
See I'm the lady that is bold enough to dress up a pair of sweat pants with pumps and a tank. Oh yea, I cannot leave out the accessories. Depending on the crowd and how you are feeling and of course the weather; but don't let that stop you from looking ever so fabulous. If the weather is a stinker just be aware of what colors your going to wear. White pant in the rain can almost guarantee you a stain.

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Are You Ready To Turn Heads!!!

So you want to steal the spotlight. A couple of complements a day will not hurt you, you can only gain from this. Confidence is key. Looking good has its perks too, but an ugly attitude can take brownie points away from you. So we first have to dig deep within self.
Then you can look aww, so amazing!!!

Ok, when you wake up in the morning how are you feeling? This is the first thing you need to focus on. So if you feel great that's incredible now you can focus on your daily goals with your highly motivated self; but we all have our days and if that morning sucks it can and will effect your whole day. So you have to come up with a plan. Yes, a plan to get your day started is everything so you can focus on your daily goals.


1.Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Your strengths are things you are good at and your weaknesses are things you are not so good at. If you do not know I have a task for you.

2.Tools you will need pen and paper.

3. Write down 5 of your weaknesses and 10 of your strengths, ( If you can give me more strengths then 10 that is incredible.) What I am trying to show you is that your strengths are over half times greater then your weaknesses. If not know no need to worry about it. It is just work in progress.

4. Now once you have your strengths written down, that is what I want you to bring to the mirror your list of strengths. Yes, look into that mirror and be proud of those strengths. Say at least 3 of them out loud with rejoice. You do not have to scream it out at the top of your lunges. Do say it loud enough for you to hear it and feel it. For example: I am a very giving person.

Now your confidence should have a bit of a punch right now. Once you have completed the strength and weakness task. Noone is more proud of you than you right now because you have some amazing quality's that you forgot about and you utilize these strengths on a daily basis effortlessly.
It is now time to focus on your daily goals and your overall look of the day if you have time you can pick your outfit out at night.

Sometimes your mood switch from night to day. The night before you may have wanted to were the sleeveless pink silk top with black slacks and flats. By the morning after getting yourself together you might feel more confident with the aqua blue halter dress with ruffles, topped off with an sequin short sleeved shrug and anti-gravity wedge heels or vice versa. Click Link Below To Shop!
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So basically when you wake up it goes from there. Extra brownie points below.

- Don't leave home without your smile.(Baking Soda is a good whitening for teeth so get some toothpaste that has it in it.) Complementary!

- Let you scent linger. (Layer your smells. Body wash, lotion and body mist or perfume.) Complementary!

- Don't look dual. Add moisture to your face

- Don't forget to accessorize!!!!

Any questions, fashion advice and if you would like me to help you pick out an outfit leave me a message. I have some outfits below just click the link below to browse PinkBasis and shop.

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Please do not hesitate to leave a reply!
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