Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I have always had a fetish for fine merchandise. I love coordinating items to see what life I can bring to them. Uggs and  Anti Gravity Wedge Heels are a few of my favorite things. Weather you are wearing either one of these shoes with a boyfriend button up shirt and some skinny leg jeans or a pair of legging it looks fab.  Uggs has been the most celebrated boot for the past years. If you do not own a pair or never have now is your chance to surrender and get in on the craze. 

Anti Gravity Platform Wedges
These shoes are a new trend and you can not find them everywhere yet. A for sure conversation piece. You are sure to turn some heads with a pair of these on your feet everyone will be wondering how are you walking in those shoes, but they are even more comfortable then they look. I had to try on a pair this summer after seeing a young lady with a pair on walking the streets of NY. I was sold after the incredible fit. Dare to be daring in a pair of Anti Gravity Wedges.

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